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700 Series NextGen Class Financial Workbook


** Mac Users who do not have Excel – Click HERE to download the 700 Series NextGen Class Financial Workbook – Monthly for use in Apple Numbers **


Monthly Info Tab


Step 1: Monthly Info Tab – Enter current month, year, class name and ID


Step 2: Monthly Info Tab – Enter the ending balances from the previous month’s report in the correct ‘Beginning Balance’ line

Please note: This is not the same as the bank statement beginning balance unless there are no outstanding items such as deposits or checks


Step 3: Monthly Info Tab – Enter amount of interest earned from bank statement if applicable


Step 4: Monthly Info Tab – Ensure correct country is entered for Country Link selection


Step 5: Monthly Info Tab – Ensure correct region is entered for Region Link selection Monthly Income Tab


Step 6: Enter all donations received for the month using one line for each donation


Step 7: Enter all registrations received for the month on one combined line


Step 8: Cash donations need to be recorded in their appropriate columns if applicable


Step 9: Please include mobile number for class participants to ensure proper donation recording and inclusion on giving statements


Step 10: If donations are given at the end of the month, but the deposit is not made until the following month, please still include

donations given in the month they were received, not deposited.



Monthly Expenses Tab


Step 11: Enter all expenses incurred during the month and ensure all fields are filled out


Step 12: Make sure receipts are provided for every expense listed Monthly Summary Tab


Step 13: Make sure that totals from other tabs are displayed correctly


Step 14: Verify that the ending balance is accurately calculated Reconciliation Tab


Step 15: Enter bank statement ending balance in designated cell


Step 16: Enter all outstanding checks and deposits in designated sections


Step 17: Do not include the check sent to the MSC as an outstanding expense, only include listed expenses from the Monthly Expenses tab


Step 18: Verify that the totals at the top match each other



Final Steps

On the Monthly Summary tab, if there is an amount listed in Cell (5 or 6) please include with report

Do not print out Monthly Info tab or FAQs tab

Do not include contribution envelopes

Print out tabs from 700 Series in the order they appear

Please make sure to select Fit All Columns on One Page when printing

Include the following in envelope mailed to MSC:

Check made payable to Community Bible Study (amount from Cell 5 or 6), paper clipped to 700 Series workbook

Printed 700 Series worksheets

Original receipts taped neatly to a sheet of paper (not over ink)

Original deposit slips

Bank Statement

Mail to MSC

Maintain a local copy of all documentation within class for two years

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