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Start Leadership Training

Note: If you forgot your password or need to set a new password please follow the steps in the link. https://answers.communitybiblestudy.org/set-new-password


1.) To start Leadership Training, in your web browser go to training.communitybiblestudy.org.


2.) Enter your Username or Email Address and Password. Then, click Log In.



3.) To download the syllabus for the course, click Materials.


4.) Click the name of the file  to download. NOTE: The Materials tab will appear for each Lesson that has Resources. Resources are specific to each lesson.



5.) Click Start Course to begin your training.



6.) When the course page opens, you will see the Course Title.


7.) The progress bar shows how much of the course has been completed.



8.) On the left you will see the Session titles and the Lessons for each Session.



9.) Each Lesson title will be displayed over the content for the lesson on the right side of the page.



10.) The lesson has a video. Click the play icon on the video to view the training for the lesson.


Click the Enter Full Screen icon to view the video in full-screen.


Click the Exit Full Screen icon to exit full screen and return to the Course page.


11.)  If the Lesson has Resources, also noted on the syllabus, click Materials to view the available Resources.



12.) Click the name of the file  to download. NOTE: The Materials tab will appear only for Lessons that have Resources. Resources are specific to each lesson.


13.) Click Lesson to go back to the Lesson video.



14.) Once you have completed the Lesson, click Mark Complete to move on to the next Lesson.


The progress bar will update.


Each completed Lesson will be marked as complete.



Incomplete Lessons will remain unchecked.



15.) Your progress is automatically saved. To sign out, click your name in the upper-right corner.



16.) Click Sign Out. You can return at any time to continue your training.


Click here to learn how to Resume Leadership Training

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