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1.) Can I use the breakout room feature with any core group? – Yes. You can use the Zoom breakout room feature...

Invite Visitors

1. To Invite Visitors to a meeting, go to the FISHER Meetings page – https://fishermeetings.communitybiblestudy.org/.   2. Click Manage Meetings to...

Create a Meeting – Bring Your Own Meeting Platform

1. To create a meeting, go to the FISHER Meetings page – https://fishermeetings.communitybiblestudy.org/. or log in by clicking on your coregroup on your dashboard....

Update Attendance

We suggest updating attendance upon completion of each meeting. Finished meetings disappear from Fisher Meetings after seven (7) days. Note, too,...

View Contact Information of Core Group Participants

Note: Leaders must be assigned as the Primary or Co-Leader of a Core Group to view the Contact Information for a Core...