Meeting Hosts

By default, the Primary Leader and Co-Leader of a Core Group are able to create, edit, and remove Meetings for their group.

(Note: The coordinator needs to designate you as the Primary Leader or Co-Leader in your Core Group.)


If you are creating a meeting for your group, you will automatically be able to start your meeting.

If you need someone else to be able to start the meeting, select up to 5 names under, “Select the person who will start the meeting (Limit 5 per meeting):”

Note: If you are creating the meeting, you do not need to add yourself in this selection.


  • Adding someone here allows them to start the meeting in your place.
  • Whoever clicks Join and starts the meeting first is the sole Host.
  • Once the Zoom meeting starts, the Host can designate a co-host within Zoom.


To learn how to start a meeting click here.

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